HYAC communication cable

Product standards:YD / T322-2013; Q / XBTX007
  • Long-term working temperature: 70 ℃
  • The rated voltage: AC 300 / 500V
  • Cable bending radius:
    Armored type:
    ≥6D   Non-armored type: ≥4D
  • overview
  • HYAC 0.4~0.9mm communication cable
  • description

This product is copper core polyethylene insulated communications cables in the city, produced according to YD / T322-2013 standards, mainly used for signal transmission between equipment, as well as rail transit, cableway and other projects, with complete specifications, the structure of diversified features. This series of products include filled and metal armor structure, with anti-aging, waterproof, anti-external stress and other characteristics, with a small attenuation, stable impedance, high shielding effect of electrical properties. It retains its excellent electrical and mechanical properties in a complex environment with more reliable performance than conventional cables.

HYAC copper core solid polyolefin insulated aluminum-plastic bond sheath non-filled city communications cables in accordance with the national standard and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications standard production.


HYAC type local telephone cable can be used in the towns, suburbs and factories and mines in the communication lines. Mainly used for pipe laying, overhead installation need to use hanging wire support. Buried in the outdoor use of oil-filled to be waterproof and moisture-resistant, direct use of buried steel belt armor.


  • Conductor: Solid annealed copper wire. Copper wire diameter: 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7 mm.
  • Insulation: High-density polyethylene, color-coded according to the standards of the whole chromatogram.
  • Insulated wire pairs: pairs of single insulated wires are paired at different pitches to minimize crosstalk and use the specified chromatographic combination to identify pairs.
  • Core structure: 25 pairs of basic units, 25 pairs of basic units can also be 12 pairs and 13 pairs of 2 subunits, 50 units of super units by two 12 pairs and two 13 pairs of two sub-units, 100 The super unit consists of four 25 basic units. Each unit is supplied with 100% of the cable ties plus 1% of the spare wire pairs, but not more than 10 pairs, for the tapes of the specified chromatography.
  • Cable core tape: with polyester film with vertical cable core.
  • Shielding: Plastic coated on one side of an aluminum tape (aluminum tape thickness 0.25mm), the aluminum tape is wrapped in the longitudinal direction on the cable core, the tapes should overlap.
  • Jacket: black low density or medium density polyethylene.
  • load bearing line:Galvanized steel, high-quality steel,more safety and convenient.
conductor diameter φ0.4±0.01mm φ0.5±0.01mm Direct current resistance Test when 20 ℃
Insulation color White,red,black,yellow,purple White,red,black,yellow,purple Electric strength 1.0KV no breakdown
Insulation voltage 1.5-6kv DC spark 1.5-6kv DC spark Working capacitance 52.0±2.0nF/km
Insulation resistance ≧3000MΩ/km ≧3000MΩ/km Curve Diameter 15 times of cable external diameter
Standard Cover thickness 1.4mm±0.02mm 1.4mm±0.02mm Working temperature -30-60℃
Cable Max external diameter 12.5mm±0.02mm 11.5mm±0.02mm Durable years 15 years for normal use


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